Thomas Nunn and Elizabeth Clark hold the key to the Nunn families at the neighbouring Suffolk villages of Chevington and Hargrave.

More research needs to be done, but I have established they had at least four children.

At least two were born at Brockley and one a few miles away at Hargrave.

John Nunn (as below) represents the Hargrave Nunn line from the early 18th century.

That Thomas Nunn (as below) is their son is yet to be confirmed but the evidence for it being so is strong.

For anyone relying on this research, please be aware of this.

1. Elizabeth NUNN,   b. 21 Jul 1682, Brockley, Suffolk, England, UK,   d. UNKNOWN
2. Thomas NUNN,   b. Abt 1684, Brockley, Suffolk, England, UK,   d. Aug 1729, Chevington, Suffolk, England, UK   (Age ~ 45)
3. Ann NUNN,   b. Abt 1685, Suffolk, England, UK,   d. UNKNOWN
4. John NUNN,   b. Abt 1687, Hargrave, Suffolk, England, UK,   d. Jan 1764, Hargrave, Suffolk, England, UK  (Age ~ 77)