Nunn reunion in October

The Nunn clan is gathering on the Capricorn Coast this October for a family reunion. It will be on the weekend of 12th & 13th at the Discovery Park, Coolwaters. 

Counting down the days








Suffolk Nunns

David and Rachel Nunn came to Queensland, Australia in 1858 and settled at Dinmore, near Ipswich.

They raised 12 children (nine sons, three daughters) and about 1500 individuals both living and dead descend from that union.

James Coker


James Coker and Emily Lee left London for Rockhampton, Queensland, in 1870. There they raised 10 children.

William Cooper


William Cooper and Eleanor Evans left the UK in 1886 and settled in Rockhampton, where they raised five children.

Henry Aldridge


Henry Aldridge left Hertfordshire, England and came to Brisbane, Australia in 1859. He married Harriet Phillips.

Emma Coker nee Aldridge

Emma Coker

Emily Helen Sophia Aldridge (Emma Coker) is my maternal great grandmother. She lived at Kabra, near Rockhampton.

James Silver


James Silver and Janet Todd left Scotland in 1890 for Queensland where they married in Brisbane.

David Campbell


David and Mary Campbell left Scotland and arrived in Brisbane, Australia in 1883. She died soon after.

William Dobbs


William Dobbs and Ann Jackson came to Queensland in 1888. Their son Charles adopted my grandfather John Alexis Dobbs Coker (known as Alex Dobbs).

Margaret Isabella Dobbs nee Silver

Bella Dobbs

Margaret Isabella Silver (Bella Dobbs), is my maternal grandmother. She was a schoolteacher.

Nunn family tree

Warren Nunn’s research into both paternal and maternal families focusing on the Nunn surname in Suffolk, England as well as Scottish ancestors.

Chevington All Saints Church

Nunns' Paddock

Nunn farm at DinmoreDavid and Rachel Nunn’s farm at Dinmore, Queensland, most likely late 1880s. They raised 12 children here.

Running the plough

Ploughing Nunns PaddockThis could be David Nunn ploughing his Dinmore farm in the 1880s. Australian Abattoirs now operates on the site.

Drilling operation

Drilling at Nunns Paddock

Image from about 1887 at Nunns’ Paddock. David Nunn took legal action against individuals who drilled there for both coal and clay. That may be David in background with hands on hips. The girl could either of his youngest daughters born 1876 and 1878.

Silvers of Harvieston

Silver family of HarviestonThe Silver family of Harvieston, Aberdeenshire in 1892. Pictured with their mother are siblings (from left), John, Helen, James, Alexander and Isobel.

I’ll Show You Gold

The account of an ancestor who shocked royalty in Australia’s golden years is now in print. It’s also available on Kindle.

Ill Show You Gold