This letter is from Norah Anderson (nee Keegan) to her first cousin Bella Dobbs (nee Silver). Their mothers were sisters. This is how they relate.

Christmas 1955
Dear Bella,

How are you? Here it is Xmas again and I don’t believe I’ve written you all year. I’m trying to write on a portable typewriter and it is the dickens since I’m not used to it. If I make a mistake – forgive me.

What has the family been doing? I asked Eva to straighten me out on which one of  you was the nurse (Eva was the nurse). I think I am all mixed up.  Which one of you is the eldest in the family? (Bella)

Isn’t it a shame that we all have to be so far apart?  Maybe one of these days we can see each other. I hope so anyway. Well, my family is a little closer. Jean and her two children are moving to St Louis just 225 miles away and that is where our son is in University City.

Now I can kill two birds with one stone. Our youngest Patricia Louise and husband Jack and son David Bruce (3) are with us. Jack goes to college at nite and works during the day.

We are very happy that they are here as it so lonesome.  What does your husband do, Bella? I’ll round up some pictures of my family and send to you after Xmas and you do the same. I am wondering just how close you live to each other. The distances are so great in this country and I imagine they are the same there.

Would love to see Australia. I have a very good friend from Australia. She now lives out in California and we expect to go out to see her one of these days. It is about 1900 miles from here. Well, as I am trying to get Xmas cards written I will stop and write later.  Wishing
you all a Merry Xmas and a Happy New Year,
I am,