Written by Elizabeth Helen Dobbs (who was known as Nellie) to her first cousin Alex whom her parents adopted. Presumably the reference to a cheque in regards to an estate would be their mother Elizabeth Dobbs (nee Aldridge) who died in 1952.

4th Jan. 1954
Dear Alex,
Received your welcome letter & slip enclosed for which I thank you. I had a statement & letter from Roche & a cheque to settle estate so expect you had the same. I am sorry you misunderstood what I said about the grave. It was not fallen in but was level enough to have something done. If you gave the caretaker something to look after it he didn’t clean the weeds off as it was so bad we couldn’t pull them out & the ground was so dry & hard. I hope you had a happy Xmas. We had a very quiet one, only Charlie besides Ted, Arthur, Hilda and I & Jade. Roy has gone away for his holidays, he went the Monday before Xmas. He went down to Doris’s place & spend Christmas there. Was going to his mother for New Year. Joy & Reg & baby were in town for a fortnight as he had collapse of the nerves. The spent Xmas in town & came home last Wednesday night. He seems a bit better & they went up to Yamala on Friday. So you will understand why we haven’t been able to get down. Reg has done practically nothing since about middle of October, & Ted has had to do everything himself & they still have to pump as we have not had much rain here yet, not enough to put any water in the dams. I heard on the wireless this morning that you had over 3 inches at the weekend. We had 49 pts on Sat. We may get storms & hope so. Doris is up with us for a few days. She wanted Ted & I to go down & spend Xmas with them as owing to the dry weather Frank was not able to leave, so Doris came up & spend New Year & is going back in a few days.
Yes, I know Auntie has been off as she had ‘flue. Hilda & I had flue also about three weeks ago & Charlie & Arthur had it also. At present, Charlie is on his own at Caledonia & Arthur is here. This morning they have gone to dip some cattle. The ticks have been bad & also the Buffalo flies.
How did you get on at Biloela during the storm. It must have been very rough over there & also at Emerald. We had about 50 pts that night as the storm broke & one part went Emerald way & the other would be at Biloela. Hope you found Mavis & children well & hope this finds you all well down there as we are fair here. Wishing you all a Happy New Year & we’ll be down as a soon as we can. I’ll close with love from all.
Your loving sister,