Leslie Arthur Deakin

Leslie Arthur Deakin.

The unfortunate details of Les Deakin’s short life is noted in an army file that records the illness which cut short his life aged 21.

Les took ill in July 1945 and was diagnosed with chronic nephritis on 9 August. He did not respond to treatment and died in Greenslopes Hospital, Brisbane, on 5 October.

He had trained at Bonagilla (in the Albury/Wodonga region) in Victoria from September 1942 until October 1943 with the Australian Signals Training Battalion.

While there he contracted German measles and that is possibly where he picked up the infection that took his life.

In July 1943, Les was “taken on strength” with the Australian Special Wireless Group and sent to the Northern Territory.

Admitted to hospital

He sustained arm injuries a couple times in the course of his service during 1944. In March 1945, what appears to be the first hint of the illness that took his life arose when he was admitted to hospital with a haematoma to his left testis.

Les Deakin

Les Deakin.

That may have been caused by physical exertion but, four months later, Les was back in hospital with severe abdominal pain.

It soon became apparent that he had a severe infection and would be in a battle for his life.

He did not improve over the next several weeks and passed away in October.

Leslie Arthur Deakin took up the call to serve his country and suffered a painful death due to a seemingly minor problem.

Les was graded as a group 2 operator signals in October 1943 and was posted to 66 Australian Wireless Section.

This above is based on Les Deakin’s army record.

Warren Nunn is a first cousin once removed to Les.