John Silver (6 Apr 1856-unknown) did not marry and farmed at Harvieston, near Stonehaven, with his brother Alex. Alex (Sandy) died in 1907.

Even though John left Scotland and headed to Australia, no death record is yet found for him there. However, there is a 1920 arrival in Perth, Western Australia for a Mr J. Silver whose destination is Toowoomba, Queensland.

His brother James was living near Toowoomba at the time. He is found in at least one newspaper report of being in Millmerran. Descendants of James believe John may have gone to New Zealand.

There is a New Zealand death in 1930 for a John Silver aged 75 which potentially fits.

However, his parents are not named on the death certificate and his birthplace is given as Glasgow. However, there are no other death records anywhere else in the world that potentially fit this John Silver.

So, the following burial record may be his in Christchurch, New Zealand.

The “Harvieston Silvers” are mentioned in an undated letter by Silver descendant George Robertson which James Murray Silver has.