88 Cotton St, Castle Douglas, 22/6/1943

My Dear Brother,

I got your dear letter a fortnight ago so now I must try and give you a wee letter. Hope all the families are well. So pleased that Eva (James’ daughter) has called her wee daughter Janet. Am sure our dear sister would have been pleased. How is Bella and all her dear ones? I do often think of her and all her dear ones. Letters are not coming very often; am afraid the sea gets a good many. Things look a little better but want a big improvement yet. Our weather is very bad, have had no summer so far. Jim has just gone away to watch the bowlers but does not play. I had a visit of my minister yesterday. He has been ill and off church for two Sundays, so gone for a few weeks’ rest. Had Gracie down last night, Eddy does not seem well, weather and all. The worry does not help one’s health. They tell me the garden is looking not so bad but don’t expect to have potatoes for some time yet. No letters from Maggie or Lizzie (her sisters). I can only hope they are all well. Am always afraid letters may have gone to the bottom. I don’t think Bella’s boy is age for the army; I hope not. Is James’s wife still near you? Jack and family will be getting on. Still I hope none of age for the fighting. Well this is a day no chance of me getting out. If dry the cold does not keep me in. Still, I am very lucky. My friends keep popping in to see me. Helps to pass the time. The wireless keeps one in touch but really they are not giving much away. However I have great hopes of a speedy collapse; can’t come too soon. Does James’s wife live near you or does she live at home? Just give me all family news, I love hearing of them all. I had a nice letter from an old school mate. He is practically an invalid but still writes cheery. Like everybody who has sons, he has two in the army. Well, dear brother, I hope if this reaches you, it finds all well and may we soon be at peace with all nations. Love to all the families, a good share to your dear self. From your loving sister, Dan/Joan Todd.