This letter was written in September 1939 from the Todd household at 88 Cotton Street, Castle Douglas, Scotland. It is addressed to James Silver from “his loving sister” who in fact is Joan Todd, sister of James’s wife Janet who passed away. Joan was known as Aunty Dan.

88 Cotton St, Castle Douglas, Sept 13th 1939

My Dear Brother,

Bella’s letter and the sad news, I feel for you in your sad loss but dear know none of us grudge her her happiness now. It is only for a short time and she is at rest and with all our dear ones who have gone before. It was such a relief to know she had not much suffering at the last. I am so pleased you are to be with Jack & Phil. I feel sure they will do all in their power to comfort you. Well, we are into this terrible way. Oh may God be good to all & stay it soon. This morning the rolls are gaining a little. They are brave, may we be able to settle this once & for all. All the Allies have done well. Let us pray God will see fit to finish it; only He can. Well, I want to give Bella a few lines & Aunty Maggie & Lizzie (her sisters). My sight is still bad also my leg is not back to normal but glad I am now able to manage for James (her brother) & self. He keeps pretty fit. Grace (another sister) and her husband bought a house in CD (Castle Douglas). Their two daughters and their families have had to leave their homes so are all with Grace but they have a fair sized house. Well give my love to Jack & Phil. Must write Jack this time. Now dear brother I know your will miss your dear one most but again I know you do not grudge her her rest.

My sympathy & love

Your loving sister

Joan Todd