(This was probably of the last letters Aunty Dan wrote, because by the following year her sister Gracie wrote to say she was in care and unable to communicate. Dan (Joanna Whilemina) died in October 1946)

88 Cotton St Castle Douglas 12/10/45

My Dear Bella,

Her I am to give you a few lines; I thank you for yours. Air draft letters take so long to come and go. I will write Dad next week. Letters do not seem to land regular; you or Dad should have had one letter at least. Oh Bella, I am so proud and pleased to hear Eva has called her little daughter Janet and am sure your dad is proud. I hope all your family are well. Aunty Maggie seems wonderful. Had a letter from her last week and Aunty Gracie had a wee note from her, so we have decided to write her one at a time. Hope Jack and family are all well; expect there are some ready for work. Well, Bella, I am a proper invalid; have to be helped in every way but I’m thankful I can feed myself. We have got a very good woman keeps us both clean and comfortable and uncle and she go on well together. Uncle and Aunty Gracie keep pretty well, although he has some nasty turns. But Bella, you see none of us are so young. My minister and his wife are very good coming to visit me. We are a much scattered family. Do you know none of you ever mention your husband. Hope he is well. Now I think I’d better stop, my eyes fail me when looking long at anything. I get a bit in my chair when fine but winter is at hand so won’t get out much. Now dear with love to all from your loving Aunty Dan.

Joan Todd, 88 Cotton St, Castle Douglas.