Jean Silver (nee Vokes  
 James Silver’s widow
Jean (nee Mary Jean Vokes)

Chermside Hospital Ward G-5-East
Dear Alex and James,
I read the Courier every day about the rainfall but do not see where you have had much rain. How is it, are you getting any. You do a lot of growing I believe. You would find it hard making a living if it’s dry. I often think of Bell, she was always so nice to me and she never complained. What crops have you in just now, or are you going in for only cream and cattle. It may be a bit lonely sometimes but mixing with different people especially those that whinge and are never satisfied can get on your nerves too. I am getting my wireless sent up. It is so quiet in this room G beds and all old and not very interested in anything. Have you got wireless or television. It seems all the rage, I manage to get a look at the television sometimes but it is all nonsense and crime. I suppose you are too tired at night anyway. Do you cook all your own food also it must be boring. Is there anything you would like me to send you both. Let me know. Bye, bye for now
Yours sincerely
Jean Silver
NOTE: Jean the widow of Bella Dobbs’ brother James Silver