Helen Rutherford Campbell.

Helen Rutherford Campbell (born 11 Dec 1875, Skinflats, Bothkennar, Stirling, Scotland, died 8 Aug 1956, Rockhampton, Qld, Australia) married Arthur Nunn and they had six children.

According to a couple of her grandchildren, she was a fairly severe woman and not a “kindly” grandmother.

The late Rex Newsome, whom by his own admission was an opinionated youngster, said he found her difficult to get along with as he mentions in an excerpt from one of his books.

The late Nev Deakin also pointed out that she was hardly welcoming.

  1. Christina Mary NUNN,   b. 10 Oct 1896, Ipswich, Queensland, Australia,   d. 15 Jan 1982, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia  (Age 85 years)
  2. Annie NUNN,   b. 22 Feb 1898, Ipswich, Queensland, Australia,   d. 22 Feb 1983, Rockhampton, Queensland, Australia  (Age 85 years)
  3. George Alexander NUNN,   b. 18 Sep 1899, Ipswich, Queensland, Australia,   d. 22 Feb 1975, Rockhampton, Queensland, Australia  (Age 75 years)
  4. Percival John NUNN,   b. 3 Jul 1901, Ipswich, Queensland, Australia,   d. 25 Jul 1902, Ipswich, Queensland, Australia  (Age 1 years)
  5. Jessie Helen NUNN,   b. 23 Oct 1902, Ipswich, Queensland, Australia,   d. 30 Dec 1975, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia  (Age 73 years)
  6. Emily Myrtle NUNN,   b. 1 Apr 1905, Rockhampton, Queensland, Australia,   d. 27 Apr 1996, Townsville, Queensland, Australia   (Age 91 years)