Hargrave; sister village to Chevington

By Warren Nunn

Hargrave is a sister village to Chevington and is within easy walking distance.

The road leading into Hargrave Church.

The Nunn name is prolific in both villages in the 19th century and, for a time, Hargrave residents had to go to Chevington for baptisms and marriages.

The Nunn line in Hargrave traces back to John Nunn who married Sarah Holden while the Chevington branch goes back to his presumed brother Thomas Nunn who married Anne Steed.

While there is a known Chevington baptism entry for Thomas Nunn son of Thomas Nunn and Elizabeth Clarke, there is doubt that John Nunn is also their son.

However, I have unsubstantiated research that says they are siblings and have recorded it as such.

Be aware that it HAS NOT been confirmed.

However, descendants of both 17th century Nunns married, which gives a connection anyway.

Should anyone unearth further information to the contrary, I will adjust my findings. Until then,  Thomas Nunn and Elizabeth Clarke are the presumed FIRST family of both the Hargrave and Chevington Nunns.