Letter from Grace Todd (married name Forsyth) written  in 1946 Broughton, Ernespie Road, Castle Douglas

My Dear Bella,

I am afraid I am very bad with the pen. Well, I had yours some time ago and went about answering right away but here I am. I went to see Aunty Dan on way here. (I am at ?? for a few days with my younger daughter). Auntie is really looking very well but her memory and sight have gone since I seen her last. I try and see her every few weeks. She forgot you sending her the beef tea. I tried to talk of people she knew well, but at times she went right away. It is all very said and I feel terrible sorry she is so far away but there is a great comfort in knowing she is so well cared for. She has every thing that she needs. The sister was so nice and told us she was their best patient, so that is nice to know. How is your Dad? I really ought to write him, he really is a marvellous man. I am always interested to hear of you all and often feel how nice it would be to pop in and have a real heart-to-heart talk. That is how I am enjoying the few day’s here. I really ought not to have come down at present, so much to be seen to in the garden, but it was just a chance (they were all thrilled to see me) The girls knew nothing about me coming and what a surprise they had. This is a lovely place and the sea is almost on their doorstep and I love the sea. At home, I am miles away. Jessie my other daughter is still waiting on a house in Inverness. Her hubbie went to a place last Christmas and has not been able to get a house yet. They are in Dalbeattie, seven miles from Castle Douglas, so I see her and the children fairly often. Dennis the eldest will have to join up in October, he will be eighteen. I know his mother is not looking forward to him going. She has a little girl, eleven years old, which will help to keep her company. So you see house are not to be had; prices are also scandalous when there is one on the market. Everything really is tighter then during the way. The bread is being rationed which I think is ridiculous. Of course, this government is to blame; at least I feel it is. However, we have to grin and bear it. If I was a younger woman, I would be going overseas. I had a lovely letter from Lizzie (she means her other sister, Maggie) in South Africa as I came away. We have got two new cousins, both boys. They are very proud of them naturally, I don’t hear very often from America (Lizzie lived in America). Of course, it was poor Aunty Lizzie who wrote but she has gone and the younger members have not the same inclination to write – not like you, you are really good. Please remember me to Dad when you write to him and when you have time, tell me about all the different members of the family. Love and best wishes from Aunty Gracie.