Transcript of letter that Eva Quane (nee Silver) sent to her sister Bella at Boolburra.

120 Whitmore St
Dear Bell & All,
Glad to get your letter & find you all well; also that you have had good rain & the country & Jim’s crops doing well. We had a surprise last week, Janet rang to say she was appointed to the Spastic Centre at New Farm. She arrived home last Wednesday & started there on Thursday. She says she will like the work & seems pleased to be home again. She did apply for that position, I know she had but didn’t think she would get it. We had a nice shower of rain this afternoon, just enough to freshen things. There was a heavy hailstorm in T’mba about M.D. today. I am enclosing a cutting of the Courier-Mail. When I saw it I wrote to the Secretary asking for a few particulars. I received the enclosed so you will see what it is all about. At first I thought it would be nice to go along; but now I feel sorry I can’t make it. I have replied to the letters also stated where owing to ill health you wouldn’t be able to attend. I don’t suppose we know too many now. It meant my leaving here Friday & not getting back till Sunday. Jack wasn’t interested. Mrs Schaumberg & Vera are down. Also Elsie has been in Bne 3 weeks. She wasn’t well so came to spend a few weeks with Jean her daughter. Mr Schaumberg is very thin & frail, I thought Vera didn’t look too bad. Everybody much the same I think. Haven’t heard from Ella yet. George’s two sisters are coming down tomorrow (thank goodness) they are staying at the Canberra for the week. Hope your Dr is back, it’s not quite the same going to another xx xx xx ever so nice. I hope you are all well. Look after yourself Bell & all the best. Please excuse this scribble, I’m in a hurry I want to get it posted today. By, bye. Love to all. xxx xxx loving sister Eva