(This is a transcript of a letter written by Elizabeth Todd from Chicago in 1939 in response to one from Eva Silver telling Elizabeth of her sister’s death, that is Eva’s mother.)

13th Sept 1939 2172 Giddings Street, USA Chicago, Ill

My Dear Eva,

Received your dear letter Monday this week with the sad news of your  dear mother’s death. She died on the 19th Aug, our father’s birthday. How strange. But I never knew she had not been well all this year. She never complained till the last, poor dear. She must have been a great sufferer. Am glad you were all able to be with her, it sure would be a great comfort to her at the end. Yes, dear, it’s your Dad that will miss her most, they sure have been a very happy couple for so long. God had spared them so long. So she wished to be cremated and she had her wish. I will always remember when I said goodbye to her at the station when she left for Australia. Little did we think we would not meet again on this earth. I feel so sad for you now but am glad dear you take is so well and you say it’s God’s will and we must bear it. I will try and write your dear Dad some day. Am glad he is bearing up so well. You will be back in your hospital by now and I expect plenty work to pass the time. Much sympathy pass your Uncle and cousins and love from us all ever,
From old Aunty Lyzzie.
Mother was about 2 years younger than me and every one thought she was the oldest. Mother used to call her “wee boobet” a pet name I dare say. She would not tell you it. By be dear, God bless you
My dear I have the picture with your Dad and her taken at the seaside; we’re so proud of it. Ta Ta.