Elisha Nunn (left) and his daughter Rose Jane on her wedding to Gwilym Howell in 1916. At right is another daughter Ivy May whose married name was Holland. Rose’s daughter Gladys McMillan (nee Howell) also identified the person at left as Sid Roberts. Elisha’s sister Phoebe’s married name was Roberts and she had a son Sid but this is not the same person as he would only have been 10 in 1916. Below is an extract from Elisha’s birth certificate. He was the only one of David and Rachel Nunn’s children born in Suffolk, England.

Elisha Nunn’s birth entry.

Elisha Nunn (born 22 Mar 1857 Whepstead, Suffolk, England, UK, died 19 Dec 1932 Ipswich, Qld, Australia), married Sarah Ann Beddow (born 1857 Staffordshire, England, died 3 Jun 1932, Ipswich, Qld, Australia) and fathered five children (see below).
One of Elisha’s grandsons, Desmond Holland, was murdered in 1991.

  1. Laura NUNN,   b. 6 Jul 1889, Dinmore, Queensland, Australia,   d. 9 Feb 1937, Ipswich Hospital, Queensland, Australia  (Age 47 years)
  2. Howard NUNN,   b. 19 Aug 1891, Ipswich, Queensland, Australia,   d. 15 Jun 1894, Ipswich, Queensland, Australia  (Age 2 years)
  3. Ada NUNN,   b. 10 Dec 1893, Queensland, Aust,   d. 31 Mar 1896, Queensland, Aust  (Age 2 years)
  4. Rose Jane NUNN,   b. 30 Jun 1896, Dinmore, Ipswich, Qld, Australia,   d. 1973, Queensland, Australia  (Age 76 years)
  5. Ivy May NUNN,   b. 22 Apr 1900, Dinmore, Ipswich, Queensland, Australia,   d. 1978, Queensland, Australia  (Age 77 years)