David Campbell

David Campbell.

David Campbell (1851-1932) married Mary Campbell (1856-1883) and Christina Abel (1855-1932).

Only two of the children from his first marriage survived to adulthood.

After his first wife died, he remarried and only one of the five children born to this union survived to adulthood.

David came from a coal-mining background in the Stirling region, west of Edinburgh. He married at Skinflats where much of the mining took place.

In Queensland, he worked at Ipswich and then went north to Central Queensland where he continued to mine.

Children with Mary Campbell:

1. Helen Rutherford CAMPBELL,   b. 11 Dec 1875, Skinflats, Bothkennar, Stirling, Scotland, UK,   d. 6 Aug 1956, Rockhampton, Qld, Australia  (Age 80 years)
2. David CAMPBELL,   b. 10 Aug 1877, West Mains, Bothkennar, Stirling, Scotland, UK,   d. 29 Jul 1890, Ipswich Hospital, Queensland, Australia  (Age 12 years)
3. Alexander CAMPBELL,   b. 26 Jul 1879, Drumbowie, Muiravonside, Stirling, Scotland, UK,   d. 26 Jun 1965, 19 Brae-Ross St, Rockhampton, Queensland, Australia  (Age 85 years)
4. John Littlejohn CAMPBELL,   b. 1 Oct 1883, Aboard ship off New South Wales, Australia en route to Moreton Bay, Queensland, Australia,   d. 20 Oct 1883, Ipswich Hospital, Ipswich, Queensland, Australia   (Age 0 years)

Children with Christina Abel

1. Jane “Jeannie” CAMPBELL,   b. 9 May 1886, New Chum, Ipswich, Queensland, Australia,   d. 18 Aug 1970, Queensland, Australia  (Age 84 years)
2. Catherine CAMPBELL,   b. 24 Jun 1887, Ipswich, Queensland, Australia,   d. 2 May 1888, Ipswich, Queensland, Australia  (Age 0 years)
3. George Thompson CAMPBELL,   b. 4 Aug 1890, Ipswich, Queensland, Australia,   d. 30 Mar 1891, Ipswich, Queensland, Australia  (Age 0 years)
4. William CAMPBELL,   b. 20 Jul 1895, Ipswich, Queensland, Australia,   d. 3 Dec 1895, Ipswich, Queensland, Australia  (Age 0 years)
5. Mary Abel CAMPBELL,   b. 5 Nov 1896, Qld, Australia,   d. 19 Jun 1897, Qld, Australia   (Age 0 years)