HERE’S an image from 1920 of some of the women involved with the Bush Rats Football Club from Dinmore, Ipswich, Queensland.

It has added interest as five of the ladies have the Nunn surname which is not surprising given there were eight Nunn men whose children grew up there.

The image sent to me was posted on a Facebook group known as Queensland Football History Association.

I’ve since discovered that the original is held by Ipswich Genealogy.

A note attached to the photograph has named those pictured thus:

Bush Rats Football Club, Social Committee, 1920

Back Row: M.Potts, D.Nunn, A.Seeney, L. Seeney.

2nd Row: ? Nunn, I.Nunn, Mrs W.Nunn, E.Stewart, J.Bavister.

Front row: M.Bavister, E.Nunn.

These are my suggestions as to the identity of the Nunn women in the image:

Doris Nunn

Doris Pearl Nunn comparison photos

Known image of Doris Pearl Nunn, left, compared with Doris Nunn in main photo. Doris was 16 in 1920.

This is Doris Pearl Nunn, born 1904, daughter of Sid Nunn, who married George Justins.

Several of her brothers played with Bush Rats over the years as well as many of her cousins.

In a report from May 1920, W. Nunn is the Bush Rats’ goal keeper.

This is either William Everard Nunn (born 1897) or Walter David Nunn (born 1902).

Based solely on age, it is presumed this is William Nunn, Doris’ brother.

Bush Rats was established  in 1888 and is recognised as the oldest football club in Ipswich.

Ivy Nunn comparison

Known image of Ivy Nunn, left, compared with Ivy Nunn in main photo. Ivy was 20 in 1920.

I. Nunn

I. Nunn, could be Ivy May Nunn, born 1900, the daughter of Elisha Nunn who married James Holland.

Elisha, the eldest of David and Rachel Nunn’s 12 children, was the only child born in Suffolk, England, before the family emigrated to Australia and settled at Dinmore.

He was known as Elias.

Doris and Ivy Nunn, of course, were first cousins.

Elizabeth Nunn (nee Thompson)

The older woman at the centre of the image behind the trophies is Elizabeth Nunn (nee Thompson), born 1864, wife of Walter Nunn, which is why she is referred to as Mrs. W.Nunn.

She was an aunt to both Doris, Ivy, and Evelyn.

? Nunn appears to be Alice Nunn

Alice Nunn, Lilly Nunn comparison

Known image of Alice Nunn, left, compared with ? Nunn in main image.

The woman seated at left whose first initial is not entered, or is unclear, appears to be Alice Nunn, daughter of Elizabeth (also in photo).

Alice married Fred Holland and had at least four children according to trees.

E. Nunn

Evelyn Nunn

Known image of Evelyn Nunn, which when compared with E.Nunn in the main image, seems to fit.

With regard to E. Nunn, seated right  in front row, this appears to be another of Sid Nunn’s daughters, Evelyn.

Evelyn married John Maxwell and had several children.

There are many Dinmore Nunn descendants, with and without the Nunn surname, either living in Greater Ipswich, South-East Queensland and beyond.

In the generations that have followed since David and Rachel Nunn first settled at Dinmore in 1859, more than 1500 people have been born who can count that couple as their first Australian parents, no matter how many generations removed they are.

There were 96 grandchildren, 238 great-grandchildren, 431 great-great-grandchildren, 572 great-great-great-grandchildren, and 153 (so far) great-great-great-great-grandchildren.

That number will continue to grow as the years go by.

Think you may be a Dinmore Nunn descendant? Search my tree and see if you can find a parent, grandparent, etc.