Bone Creek burial

The following information was drawn from the public record ( as well as a privately compiled document titled Gogango District Cemeteries Burials and Monumental Descriptions.

The late Jim Dobbs, who farmed at Boolburra west of Rockhampton, Queensland, Australia, gave me the document. Where I’ve been able to identify the location of cemeteries, I have included a map reference.

The information may be useful to family researchers but comes with the warning that there may be errors and omissions as well as incomplete details. In some cases I have added newspaper references that support burial details.

Bone Creek burial details follow:

Possible burial record for Billy the Cowboy. Death registration: William McIntyre Death date: 10/02/1875 Mother’s name:- Father/parent’s name:- Registration details: 1875/C/2395

          BONE CREEK    
 Surname  Christian   name/s  Death   date  Burial Age  Parents/notes   ref  Location
   Billy the   Cowboy    12/02/1875    Could be   William   McIntyre  1875/C/2395