This letter from Bella Duncan, James Silver’s sister, written in 1930 to her niece Margaret Isobel Silver (also known as Bella) who married John Alexis Dobbs Coker

24 Queens Road


March 14, 1930

My Dear Bella,

I had your most welcome letter some time ago and was so pleased to have a photo of your children. They look so nice and the wee boy is sitting smiling away as happy as can be. You say you are going down home to see your father and mother. I hope you will enjoy yourself and tell them I saw friends of the Strachans in Stonehaven who said that your father took her into a marriage in Edinburgh. It is well you are with Alex’s friends meantime and hope you may get a home of your own by and by. Remember me kindly to them all when you see them or write them. And was glad you got the parcel all write as I was not sure of the address was right. I enjoyed my visit to London very much. They were all very kind to me. I am kept busy and lively, so many parties and going out to friends. The weather is very cold in the mornings and evenings but through the day the sun comes out and it is much warmer and the spring flowers are coming up. We have a greenhouse and have been giving it a whitewash and all the pots cleaned, so it is looking fresh again. So with much love and kind wishes and hope you will write me sometimes when you have time and let me know how you all are keeping,

I am

Your loving aunty


Mrs Duncan