Transcript of a letter Alex Dobbs sent to Reece Duffy, whose mother Mary Duffy lived at Boolburra.

8th June 1948
Mr R.Duffy
Main Avenue
Park Avenue
Nth Rockhampton,
Dear Sir,
I enclose cheque for 50 pounds being balance for purchase of old house here at Boolburra. When I receive final receipt from you, I will arrange for removal. Norman was down today & got the things out of house. Said he will be writing to you also took his horses away. Said he will not be wanting the paddock for a while, so I will send you a cheque with this letter for 4 pounds 10 shillings starting from the 1st of this month & if you get any different word about it, we can come to arrangements for a term to be fixed. Norman got the table from the kitchen. He left small table in the front room. Sorry I could not see you when I was in town. It was rather a rush, I just managed to get my train. I will close now with kind regards to all the family.
Yours faithfully
P.S. Rent for paddock will be to 1st of September 1948.

Duffy’s reply

78 Park Avenue
14th June 1948
Dear Alex,
Your letter & cheques arrive safely the other day. Thanks very much for the same. Enclosed please find receipts. Don’t forget the extra 10 pounds for the old kitchen. Harold will be liable for some of that when he gets his 25 sheets at 4 shillings each. There is an old machine stand under the landing near the kitchen door I would like saved. Perhaps Harold could bring it & the little table Norman left. I think Dorrie measured that table & said it would fit in the car. I had Harold ask Graham about the two back tanks & the stove & he said Tom wasn’t interested in the stove, but he pricked his ears about the tanks. However he didn’t say whether he would actually take them or not. Ben Ward will definitely take the tank on the eastern end, so I am going to let him know that he can have it. He might possibly take both. I don’t know if he would be interested in the stove or not but I will mention it to him. So as soon as he knows he will go over & empty the tank & shift it. It started drizzling rain here last night & this morning heavy thunder developed & we have just had a very heavy storm. Enough to cancel the races. Hope your family are all well. Our lot still have colds hanging on.
Kind regards,
Yrs ffully